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E-Government Services

About E-Government

According to the UN, e-government is a key factor in order to advance the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Public services should be accessible for all and e-government has to harness existing and new technologies in order to ensure that.

Transactional services are among the most common features offered by e-government websites worldwide. In 2018, it was found that 139 countries enabled their citizens to submit income taxes via national websites.

Source: 2019, e-Government DIR

Building Intelligent Nations


Building an informed, modern and independent nation is important to governments of developing African countries.

Governments are hence challenged by the need for keeping up the levels of productivity of their ministries and agencies, improving quality of services to their people and increasing operational agility for keeping the public informed of policies promptly and accurately.

Putting the “e” in e-Government

E-Government revolutionizes the way governments operate. It is about transforming governments to meet the demand for more and better services.

It is about eliminating redundant systems, lowering costs, significantly improving service quality and giving value to citizens and businesses.

At the AeTrade Group, we help government leaders serve as prudent, transparent and accountable administrators of scarce resources.

We provide the planning, strategic thinking and support needed to optimize programs and back-office operations, responding to current and emerging priorities and delivering results while protecting service integrity and sensitive data.

Our e-Government services includes:

  • Government Consulting Services

  • Service integration

  • e-Government IT Strategy & Planning

  • e-Governement Architecture & Infrastructure

  • Cybersecurity consultancy and Managed Security Services

  • Business Continuity services



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