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The African E-Trade Group (AeTrade) is a multi-stakeholder group of African professionals and business people with a vision to develop and implement an e-empowerment program that will enhance intra-and inter-African trade. The group brings together public and private sector partners to develop projects that leverage the power of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for the benefit of Africa’s present and future entrepreneurs.

Our Products

Our Services

AeTrade Marketplace

A compressive continental ecommerce platform provider for African entrepreneur in partnership with the African Union Commission.

AeTrade Cloud Computing Solutions

Technology Innovator that provides member states and African customer with numerous managed services and products.

AeTrust Transaction System

Streamlining cross-border transactions including many different payment systems to provide consumer choice and interoperability for SME’s financing.

AeLogistics System

Identify and connect all African logistics companies and include them as part of the continental wide network of the AeTrade Group


Communication branch of the group, creating awareness on e-commerce and sharing stories of success across Africa


AeCDI (African electronic Continental Development Initiative), a not-for-profit subsidiary of the AeTrade Group, works to assure e-commerce readiness for SMEs across the African continent.

Motivation and Strategy

Our motivation and Strategy

The AeTrade Group is motivated by three broad themes:

1.    Enabling and supporting the economy through digital infrastructure, standards, regulations, trust, confidence and security;
2.    Building on areas of competitive strength to drive productivity and raise digital business capability;
3.    Empowering all Africans through enhanced digital skills and inclusion.

The Strategy 


The strategy of the AeTrade Group outlines four primary goals on which the government, the private sector and the community can collaborate around


  1. Build on competitive strengths and develop new ones by:
    a.    Driving productivity within existing industries;       
    b.    Taking advantage of the momentum in our economy;
    c.    Opening up new sources of growth to sustain Africa into the future.​


  2. Support digital business capability for engaged, innovative, high-growth businesses of all sizes across the African continent;

  3. Drive a culture and mindset that supports lifelong learning, a global outlook, and positive responses to change;

  4. Support actions on a diverse range of digital economy initiatives across multiple agencies.

A key purpose of the strategy will be to draw together, complement and build on these existing initiatives.

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