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Dear Reader

The birth of the AeTrade Group initiative started in 2008. Since then, we have laid a solid foundation for the organization which is entering a new phase. We are pleased to have reached this milestone, but for us the work is just beginning. The AeTrade Group is bringing a multifaceted initiative from the African Diaspora with its continental headquarters in Rwanda with five regional headquarters. We are spearheading a large-scale continental initiative that aims to position Africa as a meaningful shareholder of the fast-emerging digital economy. We cannot do this alone. We need to work together at least 6 days a week, full days to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. It cannot be business as usual to build our economy. It is imperative that we take seriously the importance of being a shareholder in the global digital economy.


It is therefore crucial to have a deliberate approach to ensure that a multi-stakeholder approach is  adopted by all. What is important is to allow the private sector to lead in generating ideas and solutions which are pragmatic, and display out of the box thinking. For example, given the unprecedented challenge for each country to create job opportunities, let us consider more of an opportunity. The way I see it, Africa can be the human resource center for the regional and global value chain products and services. What we need to have is an early investment for our young people to transition towards a knowledge based society where innovation and creativity are rewarded. In today’s industry, the regional value chains in the African Continental Free Trade Area  present a co-creation opportunity for youth, women, MSMEs,  Governments, private sector, academia, development finance institutions and more. We need a framework that addresses the national, regional and continental levels with efficient coordination of this vast network of networks.


In order to see SMEs participating in regional value chains as actors and beneficiaries, we must address the chronic challenges which SMEs have been facing in the last 50 years – Know How, Access to Affordable Finance as well as Hard and Soft Infrastructure. We are talking about MSMEs in the formal and informal sector. This is why we have launched a Smart Finance and Digital Banking initiative on the 5th February 2022 in Addis Ababa, on the margins of the African Union Summit. We are working in an inclusive manner with all the African governments and key stakeholders such as private sector associations, development finance institutions, international development agencies, and civil society organizations.  We welcome partnerships from within the continent and beyond.


We are serious about advancing on several fronts, including the establishment of research and innovation centers – where we shall conduct research for SMEs and not about SMEs. This is a big difference. How many women were surveyed and they were given the report to use for their own business strategy?


In a nutshell,

  • SMEs need visibility

  • SMEs need commercial intelligence

  • SMEs need an enabling environment

  • SMEs need access to relevant know-how

  • SMEs need to be able to pay for services in the easiest way that is also affordable to them.


The Demographic reality is that Africa is a youthful continent with high levels of unemployment, economic exclusion, and gender inequality. By 2030, the number of young people in the African labor force will increase to 375 million. According to the International Monetary Fund, population growth on the continent means that by 2035, there will be more young Africans entering the workforce each year than in the rest of the world combined.


Working together with focus and determination to harness the abundant creativity and innovation, we can address these challenges and create 80-125 million jobs in the next fifteen years in turn bringing prosperity and sustainable growth to the African continent.

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

Mulualem Syoum

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Guided by our Mission, Vision and Aspirations, and through the resolve of our Oath, we are committed to prosperity for all Africans.

The Mission

To create business value in Africa for our customers through digital transformation

The Vision

To be the catalyst for broad-based socio-economic development in Africa as it’s preferred ICT provider.

The Aspirations

To transform Africa’s socio-economic environment by enabling people, SME’s and organizations to leverage modern technologies

The Oath

We, as citizen of the world, dedicate ourselves into improving the lives of the less fortunate by helping accomplishing the AeTrade Group goals in a fair and ethical way.  And, as members, we dedicate ourselves to the quality development of the African economy in a fun, motivating and respectful work environment delivering efficient and professional services.

Our Values

Our Values

At the AeTrade Group, we strive to accomplish our Mission and Vision guided by strong principles that will ensure the best outcomes of our initiatives.

Integrity: Be a paragon of ethics

We strive to maintain the highest level of honesty and trustworthiness in our organization so that we remain always reliable and transparent partner in all aspect of our work and with dealings with our different stakeholders.

Caring: Our empathy becomes your quality solutions

The whole inception of the AeTrade Group is based on caring.  We care for the development and prosperity of the African people.  We care for the wellbeing of our members and that hey can grow and evolve in a fun working environment.  We care about the growth of the African digital market, it’s participation in the global economy and the opportunities it gives to its participants. We care for delivering quality service to our clients across the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Always work for the betterment of tomorrow

The AeTrade Group creation is meant to allow the creation of many hundreds of thousands of SME’s across Africa.  This is all part of a sustainable development plan that will allow the entrepreneurs of Africa to leapfrog to more recent and efficient technology in all aspect of its usage.  We strive to create opportunities to our customers that will have lasting impact for the people of Africa and help increase the prosperity and way of life of its members, clients and the communities they are all part of.  Especially in getting a platform for women and youth to be involved and help us shape the future of Africa.

Leadership: Having the courage to lead the future

The solutions and services provided by the AeTrade group are treading new ground in a lot of place in Africa.  This requires a lot of courage of our members, to go lead where none have tried before so that we can accomplish history and link together all regions of Africa.  As many smaller scale initiatives across the continent are starting to rise to meet the needs of the digital market, we expect our members to be the leaders that will allow the AeTrade Group to also be the inclusive leader that will bring them all together for the benefit of the whole continent.

Collaboration: Be the best team together

The goal of the organization is greater than any one single person.  To accomplish such a daunting mission, many people and enterprises need to work together in getting the aspirations done.  The teamwork exhibited by our members will also translate directly in being an inclusive partner with other that strive to achieve the same goal or that at least want to be involved in this common endeavour.

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