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Why invest with AeTrade Group

The AeTrade Group seeks to create value for our investors by generating consistent impact and sustainable earnings while achieving strategic growth.

To do so, we are investing in our core businesses, Invest to Impact maintaining a lower risk discipline aligned with our strategy, and sustaining our activities with industry-leading essentials.


This focus has served our stakeholders well. We hold a position of strength; we are confident in our future, and we continue to grow to make an impact on The AeTrade Group as part of our commitment to focus on what matters. With the development of impact investing platforms, to support SME, youth, and women, to bring grassroots transformation, the impact investment funds are a win-win opportunity. We are investing in our clients, our employees, and our communities, and we will further strengthen our global Impact Investors to drive returns and create long-term value for our investors.

Fact Sheet

Review a summary of shareholder information and highlights of The AeTrade Group's performance.

Investor Presentations

View recent investor presentations on AeTrade Group Strategy.

Quarterly Results

Upcoming reporting dates.

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