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Press Release, Kigali, Rwanda, 17 Oct. 2023 Progress on the establishment of the AeTrade Group

The AeTrade Group is a diaspora led public company for community benefit with the following active subsidiaries;

Sokokuu.Africa – the Pan African marketplace with an ecosystem that provides digital capacity building and market linkage for SMEs, women and youth based on a shared prosperity approach.

AeTrust – an end to end financing platform to meet the challenge of affordable finance and instant affordable cross-border payments

Africa Strategic Investment Alliance – a pooled fund that attracts impact investments, sustainable finance, blended finance and grants in order to fast track digital and financial inclusion for SMEs, women and youth.

In order to have an effective leadership of this fast growing impact based organization enterprise, the leadership of the AeTrade Group is pleased to announce their current search for dynamic leaders in a number of areas, including board leadership. Some new members of the Executive and Management team have joined in order to lead Sokokuu.Africa and AeTrust as well as corporate management areas of finance, budget and internal audit.

The AeTrade Group wishes to advise the public that the registration of Aetrade Group, which was made in Montreal, since March 2020, preceded the decision of the hosting of the continental headquarters and that it is no longer operational.

The AeTrade Group established its presence in Kigali, Rwanda in April 2022, with regional headquarters concluded in the Kingdom of Eswatini, the Republic of Guinea, Ethiopia. Regional Liaison Officers were assigned in Eswatini, Guinea and Ethiopia (including the African Union) in order to coordinate activities in those regions. Since 2022, the Republic of Guinea was converted into a large country programme with Ghana designated a regional headquarters for West Africa.

The AeTrade Group appreciates the support it has received from all stakeholders including the African Union Commission, the African Continental Free Trade Area Secretariat, host countries and other stakeholders who have participated in its flagship programmes, namely Africa Job Creation Forum, AU Youth Start Up Pavilion, Sokokuu. Africa Digital Capacity Building and Job Creation as well as the Africa Strategic Investment Alliance.

In line with the AU Summit Decision Ex. Council 1144 (XL) of February 2023, the AeTrade Group continues to grow its digital and physical footprint across the continent and its aims to become a household name in Africa, which it deserves to become as Africa’s homegrown digital transformation initiative that is at the forefront of advocating for “Made in Africa”. In partnership with the friends of Africa the future looks bright for Africa’s economic transformation – this is how we shall create 80-125 million jobs by 2037 thus eradicating extreme poverty in Africa.

For further information, please contact:

Mrs. Treasure Maphanga, Chief Operating Officer, AeTrade Group, e-mail:

Mr. Romeo Mpundu, Digital Marketing, AeTrade Group, e-mail:

To find our more, please visit our website:

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