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Re: Happy New Year! Sharing our 2022 Journey

Happy New Year! The idea of a new beginnings in 2023 offers a much-needed respite from navigating through the economic fallout of the pandemic, the war in Russia/Ukraine, persistent high inflation, rising interest rates and the prospect of recession in several level of our economies. It brings forth an opportunity to re-evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t, to further innovate, enhance collaborations, and establish new partnerships that will reinforce our resilience as industry.

In this context, we are very grateful for your continued trust in AeTrade Group Products and Services, as well as to our dedicated team for all their hard work. The best time of the year is here. AeTrade wishes you a prosperous New Year full of new opportunities and achievements. We look back at 2022 with pride and gratitude, and we look forward to stronger collaboration in the years ahead.

Mulualem SYOUM, CEO of AeTrade Group

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