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AeTrade Marketplace:  Sokokuu Africa 

An innovative digital marketplace and digital empowerment hub, promoting Made-in-Africa products and supporting SMEs, youth, and women entrepreneurs. Through integrated solutions, it accelerates intra-African trade, fostering economic growth and sustainability within the continent.



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AeTrade Cloud Computing Solutions:  

Technology Innovator offering a range of managed services and products to member states and customers across Africa. Our offerings include cloud hosting, secure email, ERP solutions, CRM systems, BI services, and application development. Through public-private partnerships, we ensure cutting-edge technology is accessible to all, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.

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AeTrust Transaction System


A multi-payment system streamlining cross-border transactions, including many different payment systems to provide consumer choice, as well as facilitating affordable financing tailored for SMEs.

The AeTrade Group’s AeTrust Transaction System (ATS) offers exceptional security for conducting business across the continent. Whether buying, selling, or trading locally or globally, rest assured that every transaction is safeguarded, eliminating concerns regarding payment and delivery. Our robust system ensures the protection of every transaction, regardless of value, providing peace of mind for all parties involved.

From a single item to complex multi-party agreements, AeTrust works for both individuals and businesses. You need to focus on selling and or buying the product, using the AeTrade Group AeTrust is a standard of quality and trustworthiness you can rely on.  This is our prerogative.

AeLogistics System

Identify and connect all African logistics companies and include them as part of the continental wide network of the AeTrade Group as well as educating SME’s in using them through best practice education material and state of the art applications.


The communication branch of the group focuses on creating awareness of e-commerce and sharing success stories of SMEs across Africa. We aim to inspire entrepreneurship and showcase the diverse achievements of businesses across the continent, driving growth and innovation in the African business landscape.


AeCDI (African electronic Continental Development Initiative), a not-for-profit subsidiary of the AeTrade Group, works to assure e-commerce readiness for SMEs across the African continent. In addition the group works with governments to help inform eTrade policy. 

The groups work around policies and procedures related to regulatory frameworks, to assist on a digital economy, is guided by a set of core purposes in their philosophy, mindset and behaviors. It is this commitment that earned has earned them their credibility among their partners.


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